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I wanted to write a novel about my undergraduate college.  I also wanted to write a novel about a girl/young woman who becomes a kami (Japanese god).  That was the beginning of inspiration for Lilly.  The research was easy--this is a modern era novel about my old stomping grounds and about subjects I am very familiar with.  The only area where I took a few liberties was the legal portions.  I did this intentionally to simplify that part and to make the trail more exciting.  I'm not saying a trial can't go that way, but it isn't very likely--depends on the judge.       

The Question: 

Lilly asks some unique questions:  What happens when a human becomes an ancient god?  What does it mean culturally for a religion when Christianity is introduced?      

The Characters: 

The major characters in Lilly  are Dane Vale, a university student that Lilly has fallen in love with (protagonist's helper), Lilly, the girl who becomes a Japanese kami (protagonist), Phelia, Dane's sister, a Japanese god is the antagonist.

The Theme: 

A Pacific Lutheran University student of computer engineering rescues an abused math genius girl who brings offerings to a homeless Japanese kami and his cat. 

The Concept of the Work: 

The concept behind Lilly is to present an intercultural message about spiritual ideas especially forgiveness.  Lilly and Dane are both Christians.  Lilly is stronger than Dane.  They encounter a miraculous situation where a Japanese kami, god, endues Lilly with his power.  The kami knows and worships God (Kami-sama in Japanese terms).  The concept of the world is that the gods of the past still exist and they have either chosen to accept God and His Son or reject God and His Son.

The primary theme is that God uses a culture’s own ideas about the spiritual to enact his power and will—thus a church in Japan and a church in Britain use different symbols and cultural concepts to worship the same God.  This is extrapolated through Shintoism.  The novel also depicts Japanese cultural concepts.

A secondary theme is forgiveness.  Lilly has an abusive mother and no father.  One of the primary ideas is reconciliation concerning a person who is not repentant.  Lilly broke laws and stole to survive—she finds ways to repent and reconcile.  Lilly and Dane are physically attacked—Lilly insists the attackers repent and reconcile before they are forgiven.

Another secondary theme is marriage and sex before marriage.  Lilly’s change to the mind of a kami comes with ancient baggage.  She desires Dane.  The novel shows the man acting in a responsible way to seductive enticements.  

The novel also shows a functional family with slightly dysfunctional parents, and contrasts Lilly’s abusive upbringing with Dane’s more normal upbringing. 


What would you do if you were suddenly a kami with the power to bless and inspire?


Lilly was a very fun novel to write--the climax was hard to discover.  It has a very interesting influence of Asia and North America including North American deities. 




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